CA Technologies: Company profile

Computer Associates, CA or CA Technologies: Whatever you call it, here's what you need to know

...information governance business, which included CA Records Manager and CA Message Manager, to Autonomy.

Most importantly, CA Technologies has also recently been investing in cloud technology: this year it bought service level management software company Oblicore; cloud software provider 3Tera and monitoring tools company Nimsoft as part of its efforts to follow its customers into the cloud.

CA Technologies - head in the clouds?
Around half of CA Technologies' business comes from its mainframe heritage, and the ageing mainframe workforce is another ongoing opportunity for CA Technologies, according to Jessica Breen, analyst with research house TBR.

"As experts in mainframe technology reach retirement age and leave the workforce, CA will use process automation to perform day-to-day tasks to help firms sustain mainframe service levels with fewer employees. With this value proposition, CA has noted an increase in its new customer base," she said in a recent research note.

While the legacy of mainframes remains a profitable business for CA Technologies, the company has its eyes on a number of new technologies, including identity and virtualisation management.

But potentially the biggest trend to impact on CA Technologies is the growing enterprise focus on cloud computing.

Cloud computing - which allows data to be stored and processed using an internet platform rather than on an organisation's own infrastructure - holds out the promise of cheaper and more efficient corporate IT.

Because cloud-based applications don't require buying hardware or complex integration, it is easy for individuals or departments within an organisation to use them without alerting the IT department. However, as a result, the IT department may be unable to do the due diligence around that would usually take place. CA Technologies sees this as an opportunity to extend its products, both to manage the cloud and manage via the cloud - prompting its acquisition spree this year.

Use of cloud services is increasing, according to CA Technologies co-founder Russ Artz, whether CIOs like it or not: "It's growing in adoption every day and sometimes companies don't even realise they are using it. It's going to grow very rapidly and we want to be there to be the experts in the field."

And while delivering applications over the internet is not a new concept, Artz thinks that the technology is set for take-off, he told "Things have changed a lot in the last six or seven years. We have better technology to enable this and broadband is fast so that models like SaaS make a lot of sense because you can get instantaneous response times."

CA Technologies recently unveiled plans for a suite of products for corporate IT departments to manage the cloud services in use across their company.

Its Cloud-Connected Management Suite is made up of four products: CA Cloud Insight, CA Cloud Compose, CA Cloud Optimize and CA Cloud Orchestrate. Cloud Insight and Cloud Compose are expected to be available at the end of October, with Optimize expected in April 2011 and Orchestrate in the following quarter.

But will it work?
So far, industry watchers have been...