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Computer Associates, CA or CA Technologies: Whatever you call it, here's what you need to know

...positive about the move.

Breen at TBR said the acquisitions of 3Tera, Oblicore and Nimsoft - along with the 2009 buy of NetQoS, which makes network performance management and service delivery management software - are key for CA, and added that these cloud and SaaS capabilities can also be integrated within CA's "core IT process automation offering to drive greater adoption across its entire portfolio".

CA Technologies security offerings such as Identity & Access Management and CA Access Control will also help CA to drive adoption of cloud and SaaS "as it eliminates the largest barrier to customer implementation" by tackling the security concerns Breen said.

According to Clive Longbottom, service director of business process analysis at Quocirca, CA Technologies has made some "inspired" acquisitions in Nimsoft and 3Tera to provide the missing capabilities it needed to give a rounded cloud offering.

But, by announcing the Cloud-Connected Management Suite so far ahead of its actual release, CA Technologies CEO Bill McCracken is taking a bit of a gamble, Longbottom said: "Is this too early and people will forget in the intervening time? Is it allowing CA's competitors to pull the message apart and come up with suitable rebuttals as to CA's messaging?"

CA Technologies Bill McCracken

CA Technologies CEO Bill McCracken on stage at the CA World 2010 conference
(Photo credit: CA Technologies)

Longbottom added: "Overall, I think that he has made the right decision: CA can still sell 3Tera and Nimsoft as point solutions, and migrate people to the full Cloud-Connected Management Suite as and when it comes through, but can also work with customers, prospects and partners to ensure that it is hitting all the pain points people will need addressing with such a cloud solution."

But who wants to be the Betamax of Cloud computing?
But the right technology isn't enough, and CA needs to differentiate itself from other vendors racing to fill the same technology niches, argues Quocirca's Longbottom. It's often the case, the customers don't head to the supplier with the best technology, but the one with the best story around its technology - and CA Technologies' rivals are already looking at similar strategies.

As Longbottom warned: "Without some solid and hard hitting up-front messaging, CA may be the Betamax of the cloud world - the best solution around, just not the one that people buy."

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