How to avoid a tech hangover after the office Xmas party

Digital Dilemmas: Social media has evidence of your antics - so what are you going to do about it?

It's the morning after the office party but don't just lie there groaning. You need to look sharp if you want to avoid an even worse hangover - of the social media variety.'s Natasha Lomas deconstructs another Digital Dilemma.

Nothing says festive fun like the office Christmas party. It's that time of year when white-collar workers cut loose, uncork the champagne and pose merrily for pictures with colleagues whose names they can't quite remember.

Names aren't the only thing likely to be forgotten by the end of the night either. Some seasonal revellers will forget to get home, according to research by hotel booking website - with bathrooms, buses and gardens just a few of the locations office party casualties often end up sleeping in or on.

So nothing says festive hangover like the morning after the office Xmas party. You feel like an army of Santa's elves spent the night trampolining on your eyelids, there are random bits of tinsel bedecking your hair - at least you hope it's just tinsel - and is that a smudge of lipstick on your collar? Regrets, you surely have a few.

But forget putting your head under the pillow and pretending nothing happened. You've got work to do. Let the post-office party clean-up begin...

You may have forgotten what went on at your workplace after the clock struck midnight and someone suggested a round of absinthe shots, but rest assured the truth is out there - on Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media services that these days chronicle our every move and unfortunate fancy dress choices.

Digital Dilemmas: How to avoid a tech hangover after the office party

Social media means the office party hangover can last a lot longer than it used to
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Dad dancing, hip-grinding, wearing one of those silicone-based appendages the sales team was passing around or - horror of horrors - snogging the office intern in the middle of the dancefloor may have seemed like a good idea at the time as you sought to wring every drop of festive fun from the evening. But let's face it, you're wishing life had an undo button right now.

Undo is too much to ask - but deleting and detagging can serve you well if you act fast. And act fast you should if you want to dial down your blushes and even limit damage to your reputation.

First, try and remember what happened. If you really can't recall anything after 9pm, look to your gadgets for help. Perhaps you used your smartphone to snap some pictures or tweet about all that fun you were having? Check your sent texts and emails to see if anyone was the beneficiary of a rambling 3am missive you'd rather you hadn't sent.

And don't forget to have a thorough look at...