Laptops and mobiles? You can't let workers choose their own, say tech chiefs

CIO Jury: Swamped helpdesks, higher costs and security risks are all you will get

"Currently on the PC front within your network I think it would be difficult to have a free-for-all on PCs.

"Your IT department would be swamped with a much wider variety of calls and owing to the difference in the technology they would take longer to resolve. This would negatively impact the service levels of the IT department and your average cost of ownership would go up."

Bawden warned: "Saying that it would be up to the user to sort out any IT issues on their own kit is disingenuous and will never happen in the real world. Employee productivity would also suffer as a result and I'd rather they were working than resolving IT issues."

esure CIO Mark Foulsham said the idea of having employees buy and support their own kit is "na