Laying down the law on iPads in the office: 10 tips for an ideal BYO policy

From what to ask finance to how to deal with lost kit...

...focus on securing the data not the device, according to Quocirca's Longbottom.

"By creating a sandboxed environment for the applications and actual desktop with no bidirectional cut-and-paste, the device itself can be as riddled with viruses as possible, yet the corporate environment can be kept safe," Longbottom said.

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CIOs need to put in place a support strategy so that the IT department is not expected to fix any problem on any devicePhoto: gail

7. Develop a strategy for support

Putting in place a strategy for supporting BYO tech is key if IT departments are to avoid being expected to fix problems with many different devices and platforms.

"If you are the CIO, what you can't do is incur an unlimited support liability by agreeing to solve any problem on any device that anyone brings through the door," said Gartner's Jones.

However, Jones added that the IT department should avoid being seen as the department that just says no. Instead, CIOs should approach IT support in new ways, such as time-limited support.

"So the CIO says, 'OK we'll try and fix any problem on any device for an hour. After that it's your problem or we'll charge your department for it if you really want us to keep looking'," he said.

"Harnessing social networks for peer support and community support is also pretty important," Jones added.

Quocirca's Longbottom also said CIOs should encourage users to share experiences so examples of best practice can be pooled and recurring issues can be identified.

"Look at what are common issues and see if IT can help in getting rid of those issues," he said.

8. Plan for departures

CIOs must make sure that any BYO policy deals with the issue of what happens to the device and the data if employees leave the company.

Since the device will go with a person when they leave, Longbottom said companies need to make sure nothing belonging to the organisation is stored on the device.

Longbottom also said that if means of accessing the corporate servers are contained on the device, all access to corporate systems must be severed as part of the leaving process.

9. Talk to company lawyers

BYO tech can generate a number of legal issues that are not yet clearly defined, so CIOs should sit down with the organisation's lawyers to make sure the legal implications of the BYO policy are resolved.

Gartner's Jones said a common BYO scheme being trialled by companies at the moment is where...