Looking for a new job? 10 must-haves you need to land your dream role

Want a top CIO job? Make sure you've ticked off all the items on our to-do list

...your profile more appealing to recruiters.

"Your LinkedIn profile is the number one sales document if you like and your CV is almost part of that rather than the other way round or rather than the two being separate," Boyden's Maxwell Davies said.

"People need to think really carefully about their LinkedIn profile and make sure that it's really summing up who they are, what they've done and the value they have been."

"That is your shop window," she added.

However, according to Russell Reynolds' Cook, individuals should be careful not to overload their profile.

"Don't over-sell yourself on LinkedIn... and don't have too many people acting as references for you because the more you have, people will say 'Well, isn't that undermining his case really? He's got so many people recommending him why did he feel the need to do that?'."

4. Think of yourself as a brand

If you're being considered for a promotion or you have applied for a new job, it's very likely that your prospective employer will Google you - so individuals looking for a better job should attempt to manage their online persona.

Make sure that any elements of online life not relevant to work - Facebook postings about your social life, say - aren't made available for public consumption.

"I think you do need to be cautious about what you want your name attached to; I think that is sensible," Russell Reynolds' Cook said.

5. Contribute to industry forums

Another way to build up a personal brand is to contribute to relevant industry forums such as silicon.com's CIO Jury or LinkedIn group to get your name known in the right circles.

Writing articles is another way to improve your online profile, Boyden's Maxwell Davies believes.

"It's all about raising your profile," she said. "You can be brilliant but if nobody knows then it's going to be very hard for you to land that better role."

6. Go to parties

No really, go to parties. Go to events, launches, tweetups - go to anything that gives you the chance to network.

Maxwell Davies said it's especially important to network with colleagues from other areas of your organisation if you're seeking a promotion within your company.

"It is important that you network within the business because you don't want...