Looking for a new job? 10 must-haves you need to land your dream role

Want a top CIO job? Make sure you've ticked off all the items on our to-do list

...to be seen as the IT bot - you want to be seen as one of them," she said.

"If you are seen as one of them and really adding value then you will be promoted and you will be given more and difficult and challenging projects to work on."

"The more senior you want to go, the more networking you should have to do," Maxwell Davies added.

Russell Reynolds' Cook also highlighted the importance of networking outside of the IT arena.

 It is important to network within the business, not just within the IT department

It is important to network within the business, not just within the IT departmentPhoto: Shutterstock

"Get in and amongst the business rather than getting in and amongst your peers," he said.

Only a minority of IT staff have the business skills necessary to begin approaching CIO levels, according to Cook, and interacting with workers from other parts of the business will help IT staff develop the business engagement skills they need.

7. Speak at conferences

For individuals who want to get into the most senior levels of their organisation, consider taking the extra step of actually speaking at a conference rather than just attend one.

"Speaking at conferences and having something to say for yourself is really important for your personal branding. If you are seen to be a thought leader and somebody who is respected in the industry, that is really really important," she said.

But beware: Maxwell Davies also cautions that people who are going to speak at conferences should make sure they speak well and should think about getting public speaking training to improve their delivery, otherwise they risk damaging, rather than enhancing, their reputation.

8. Get international experience

IT staff who are looking to progress into more of a business role need to make sure they have experience managing international projects.

"If you haven't got any international experience on your CV, you really need...