Make yourself indispensable: 10 tech skills you need to remain employable

From virtualisation to social media...

 Skills in virtualisation are among the top tech skills in demand

Skills in virtualisation are among the top tech skills in demand Photo: Shutterstock

In the current economic climate, having the most in-demand skills is more important than ever as businesses reconsider headcount, retaining only the most needed workers.

And while wafer thin budgets may mean formal training is unlikely, many of the most in-demand skills can be developed on the job by getting involved with 'hot projects' or by making sure new projects can provide workers with essential experience.

If you want to know where you need to put in the extra work, here are the top skills to develop to make sure your business can't afford to let you go.

1. Virtualisation

Virtualisation projects tend to be loved by the business as CFOs and CEOs appreciate the cost-saving aspect and are often kit to give them a green light.

"Our CIO survey says that cost-saving has been for the past three years the top priority for CIO so anything that helps them do that, like virtualisation, they are going to want to do," Robert Grimsey, director at IT recruitment firm Harvey Nash told

However, skills in this area are lacking with relatively few workers able to describe themselves as a virtualisation specialist, according to Grimsey - creating a good opportunity for IT workers looking to develop useful skills.

Thanks to the popularity of virtualisation projects, those looking to build up the capabilities in the area can often gain experience in the office: IT workers should investigate whether there is a virtualisation project coming along within their company and, if there is, can they use it to gain experience in the virtualisation process.

2. Business analysis

IT workers who can demonstrate business analysis skills are in high demand, especially if they can also offer ways of solving the problems they identify and provide new insight into how business processes can be improved.

"What people are increasingly looking for are business analysts who provide: number one, real result for the business - not just providing business analysis but actually helping them see the result through - and number two, coming up with new innovations and new ideas that can really help the business," Grimsey said.

"If you can put those two things on your CV you put yourself into...