Make yourself indispensable: 10 tech skills you need to remain employable

From virtualisation to social media...

...the �ber league of business analysts and make you extremely attractive to anyone trying to recruit in that area."

IT workers should put extra effort into researching key business problems, devising ways in which technology can improve business processes and highlight any contribution they make to their boss to make sure it is noticed.

 Businesses need tech staff who know how to manipulate social media for business purposes

Businesses need tech staff who know how to manipulate social media for business purposes Image: Shutterstock

3. Social media

Business are taking social media more seriously then ever with CEOs looking to the IT department to develop a social media strategy that engages customers and keeps workers creative.

Although it doesn't take a great amount of skill to navigate social networking sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook, being able to use and manipulate them for the enterprise - by generating business value, differentiating your social offerings from your competitors' or connecting social elements into existing corporate systems - "it requires quite a lot of technical knowledge," Grimsey said.

"The way social media is going, it's increasingly becoming a development language in its own right. If you take, for instance, Facebook it's actually possible to develop applications specifically for Facebook. The whole platform, which is based on a PHP environment, is actually getting close to being its own social media development language."

IT staff should make an effort to get involved with any social media projects happening within the organisation to build up experience in this area and make sure to examine if social offerings can be bolted-on to existing IT systems.

4. Mobile development

As industries try to get closer to their customers, mobile development is increasingly on the business agenda according to VP at analyst house Gartner, Lily Mok.

"So those individuals who are able to bring in that creative element, improving the user experience, design experience, being able to leverage the social networking tools and collaboration technology will certainly be one of the focus areas of many organisations," she said.

However, Harvey Nash's Grimsey advised IT workers should always approach mobile development with one eye on...