Make yourself indispensable: 10 tech skills you need to remain employable

From virtualisation to social media...

...the future as technologies can grow in popularity, and equally fall from grace, at speed.

"It might be mobile app development [that's hot] right now but in the future it may be HTML5, for instance, where it's less about native app," he said.

Taking a keen interest in the area, and trying to keep one step ahead, can help IT workers ensure that they can make a useful contribution to any mobile development projects in the business.

5. Project management

In the current economic climate, being able to keep tight control over projects so they don't run overbudget is a more important skill than ever.

To be a good project manager, an IT worker needs to show that they can keep the complexity and size of a project to a minimum while also demonstrating that they can manage projects creatively and get the most out of new technologies.

According to Grimsey, employers are looking to hire someone who can "run a tight ship and innovate - they need someone who can do everything".

 Tech staff with expertise in security are becoming more in demand as developments in technology open the business up to online attacks

IT workers with expertise in security are becoming more in demand as developments in technology open the business up to online attacks Photo: Shutterstock

6. Security

As new technologies such as advanced mobile hardware, social networking and cloud computing see continued uptake, and traditional enterprise security is put to the test as a result, professionals with skills in keeping an enterprise safe are increasingly in demand.

Tech staff working in security need to find ways of securing the organisation's data while still allowing the business to benefit from the flexibility that can be gained through mobile working and the opportunities presented by emerging technologies.

7. Data management

With the big software houses beginning to sell systems to tackle big data - the mass of unstructured data companies gather but don't derive useful business information from - and the trend was recently identified as one of the top 10 strategic technologies for 2012. Consequently, expect skills in managing big data to become progressively more in demand.

"The data/information management-related skillset will become in high demand just because of sheer amount of data we have right now and organisations wanting to utilise the mass of data they have to be able to draw better business solutions and develop new products and services," said Gartner's Mok.

"Information management, infomatics, those kinds of skills will definitely be in continuously high demand."

8. Cloud computing

With the momentum behind cloud computing continuing to grow in recent years, businesses are struggling to find IT workers with the right skillset.

"Cloud computing-related skillsets are in demand because...