Make yourself indispensable: 10 tech skills you need to remain employable

From virtualisation to social media...

... more and more companies are trying to adopt that new delivery model," Mok said.

And yet IT workers' skills haven't kept up, as cloud computing requires a broader range of capabilities than typically required of them.

"It's not just about delivering the technical system yourself now - it's about integration, it's about solution design, it's about being able to manage a service and service brokerage," she added.

As cloud computing gives IT departments more flexibility, businesses also want IT staff that can think creatively and innovate new ways to take advantage of moving to the cloud.

9. Soft business skills

Soft business skills have traditionally been hard to find among many IT workers, but with the business increasingly looking to the IT department for innovation, they're more necessary than ever.

"Along with understanding business processes, being able to develop communication skills and being able to talk in the business language are important - all those skills that are not necessarily in the vocabulary of the technical professional who learned computer science, doing the coding," Mok said.

"If [staff] want to retain their position as an IT professional, increasingly organisations are looking for that hybrid of business and technical skillsets," she added.

The best way for tech workers to develop a greater understanding of the softer skills needed to communicate with the rest of their organisation is to spend a couple of weeks with the business "doing what the business does", according to Harvey Nash's Grimsey.

10. Keeping ahead of the game

Finally, IT workers need to keep on top of any new areas of development as work deploying or maintaining emerging technology systems can quickly be given to outsourcers, rather than inhouse staff.

"The skills that are hot right now are the skills that in three years time will possibly be outsourced again. We're already seeing for instance there are offshore development centres in mobile application development," Grimsey said.

By continuing to evolve and develop new skills, IT workers ensure they remain an important asset to their company.

"People who keep track of technologies and can always stay ahead of the crowd, are constantly investing in their own skillset and also experimenting and innovating, there will always be a demand for those people and that will never really be satisfied by using third parties or outsourcing."