Naked CIO: Apple's iPad - why it's iBad for business IT

Until innovators acknowledge business, IT departments will have to keep saying no

...about integrating these devices into business environments. All they care about is selling volume to pimply-faced teenagers looking for the next big thing. It is not in their business model and so it can't be in ours.

They restrict technology, application deployment and set rigid standards meant to limit competition of competing software and applications. This practice results in IT professionals being forced to be the gate-keeper and saying, "Not in our environment, not now".

Applications support
If you think I like these circumstances you are wrong. I would like nothing more than to be able to say, "Apple has created a great product and thought about how it can be applied in our business and how it can support our environment and applications."

The obsession now with consumer-driven technology and the focus of these companies on delivering to the consumers more than business, are driving a wedge into our ability to innovate applications and services. It's not getting better but rather worse.

As suppliers flock to what they believe is quick cash and yearly product cycles, it is impossible for businesses to drive a development and application plan to utilise these devices except in a business-to-consumer world but not internally or, in most cases, between businesses.

I feel marginalised by these innovators. They care little about developing products that will help business applications. They don't care and yet users feel it is me and my department who are the problem.

Until Apple and the other vendors driving new technologies acknowledge business requirements, there is little we can do except say no.

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