No end in sight to overstuffed inboxes as email deluge continues

Data debate: One in three users gets more than 100 emails a day

There's no end in sight to the overstuffed corporate inbox, with one in three people now getting more than 100 emails every day.

According to's latest reader poll, 30 per cent of respondents - the largest group of readers - are getting somewhere between 51 and 100 messages every day.

Meanwhile, the inboxes of another 24 per cent are hit with between 101 and 250 emails a day, many no doubt CCed to bring recipients up to date on irrelevant information.

A slightly smaller proportion, 23 per cent, said they get between 26 and 50 emails a day, while a lucky 14 per cent of respondents receive fewer than 25 messages.

Conversely, a seriously busy seven per cent claimed to be deluged with 250 to 500 messages a day, while an unfortunate three per cent get more than 500 stuffed into their inbox every day, so it's a surprise they had time to take the poll.

Spending all your time responding to email?

Spending all your time responding to email?
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When asked readers how many emails were hitting their inboxes every day in 2007, the largest group of respondents - some 33 per cent - said they received between 51 and 100 emails, with 20 per cent on the receiving end of between 101 and 250 messages.

The 2007 figures are roughly in line with their 2010 equivalents, suggesting that the email-overload phenomenon shows no sign of waning.

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