Peter Cochrane's Blog: Ignorance is spawning a climate of tech fear

From mobiles frying brains to limits on the mobile spectrum - it's all tosh

...they haven't proved that there isn't a problem, and there could possibly be a problem, and therefore we need to do more research?

Scientifically - it is impossible to prove a negative. Sceptically - there is a lack of interest in the truth on top of self-interest and ignorance.

Statement two
The mobile spectrum is being eaten up by demand and soon the network will collapse as demand overtakes availability.

Wrong. There is effectively an infinity of spectrum available. Not only can we continue to subdivide the existing spectrum spatially, with more and more micro and pico cells, the vast majority of the radio spectrum is unused. A radio-dense city such as London or Chicago typically exploits less that 20 per cent of the spectrum allocated below 30GHz.

Go above this frequency and magical things occur. First, the attenuation due to atmospheric resonances limits propagation to a few kilometres down to 100m, which is ideal for frequency reuse, and a great example of working with nature instead of against it.

Secondly, the bandwidth available above 30GHz is more than 1,000-fold that currently allocated for mobile operators below 3GHz.

Why isn't this information published and widely accepted? Why do people perpetuate the myth?

Scientifically - they don't understand the physics of radio and are unable to look beyond the systems of today. Sceptically - could their position be a political play for more easy spectrum?

Beyond these two specific examples I really feel under threat from global warming, raw materials running out, technology warping our brains and much more. Am I terrified? No.

There are likely to be solutions to all these bogeymen because most of them are mistakes, misconceptions, or the product of incomplete thinking. But they do get speaking slots and the audience gets visibly worried.