Peter Cochrane's Blog: Why I'm trying to take to the cloud

But what's to stop my plan crashing back to Earth?

...carry a 1TB pocket drive as my emergency data vault when operating from remote locations.

Of course, I usually know where the good hotspots are, or I seek them out. However, in the UK for example, the core network often saturates, and latency rules over performance in ways that a local wi-fi link cannot avoid.

Graph showing variations in upload and download speeds in various locations

LAN and wi-fi asymmetry: The huge variations in upload and download speeds in various locationsImage: Peter Cochrane/

As of today, a good percentage of my material is stored in the cloud, but my most used and immediate files are also duplicated on my machine. About 25 per cent of my applications are online but I'm some way off being 100 per cent free of carrying all my apps with me.

So far, so good. My machine seems to be man enough for the job, but I do need the network companies to stop asking dumb questions, dithering, and to get on with the rollout of bandwidth at 100Mbps and faster.

Below that speed the cloud will be continue to be wispy and cirrus in nature. What we all really need is 100 per cent cumulus.