Peter Cochrane's Uncommon Sense: All the world in your shirt pocket

All the music and movies ever made stored in one pocket-sized device....

On several occasions in print and during presentations I have made the observation that soon we will be able to carry all the music we have ever heard contained on a single shirt pocket size device.

Sometimes I have extended and elaborated by saying that this will then also quickly move on to all the music ever recorded, to be followed by all the movies we have seen - and so on.

The context has either been as an example of exponential change, the rate of technological advance, and/or the threat posed to old business models and industries by new devices and previously unthought-of customer activity. To be specific, the PC and the internet saw Napster become the mother of more

By Peter Cochrane

Peter Cochrane is an engineer, scientist, entrepreneur, futurist and consultant. He is the former CTO and head of research at BT, with a career in telecoms and IT spanning more than 40 years.