Poll: How full is your inbox?

The Data Debate: Let us know how much email you get each day

Email is the digital glue that holds the modern enterprise together, allowing staff to communicate and share ideas at the click of a mouse.

The downside of email is of course the risk of overload: an inbox wedged full of spam, scams and CCed emails that you'll never get around the reading but that you can't quite bring yourself to delete.

So when it comes to email are you waving or drowning? Are you the master of your inbox or are you at its mercy?

Let us know how much email you're receiving each day by taking our latest silicon.com reader poll.

Simply click the option that you agree with and hit 'vote', and the result so far will be revealed. We'll publish the final findings in a few weeks.

And if you want share your top tips on controlling your inbox, you can post a reader comment below.