The Weekly Round-Up: Facing up to Facebook after the Xmas party

Plus: Geek gifts and the ultimate iPhone...

As we head into Christmas party season, you might want to take a little more care with your behaviour, since almost everyone now carries a handy device to photograph or film your every misdemeanour.

In the old days, the only photographic evidence of what happened at the office party was provided by the photocopier. And even then you probably couldn't be identified, unless the boss insisted on a very odd identity parade.

But now, that little kiss and cuddle with Alice from accounts at the end of the night? It will end up on Facebook and, wouldn't you know it, someone's only gone and tagged you. And Alice's hulking boyfriend is unlikely to be very happy about it.

Fortunately, in the words of the inestimable Douglas Adams: Don't panic.

With your festive health and welfare in mind, this week published advice on how to survive any new media fallout from the office party but still have fun - or get out of trouble if you've already plunged into it.

First, on no account should you get roaringly drunk and snog anyone from accounts. Ever.

For as your hangover rages and you worry what that stain on your shirt is, you can rest assured that someone in the office with a smartphone has spent the night loading pictures and tales onto Twitter and Facebook.

You may well wish your life had an undo button, but deleting and detagging can serve you well if you act fast to save your reputation.

As you try to reorder your clumsily shuffled pack of memories from the previous evening, remember that technology is your friend and ally.

Check through texts, tweets, photos, call logs and Facebook entries and see the full night, or nightmare, unfold in an audit trail of increasingly typo-ridden missives.

Perhaps you used your smartphone to snap some pictures or tweet about all that fun you were having?

Check your sent texts and emails to see if anyone was the beneficiary of a rambling 3am missive you'd rather you hadn't sent. Did you add any new friends that you really shouldn't have or uploaded a photo of your boss slumped over the buffet? Delete, delete, delete.

Inappropriate text? Send an appropriate one to apologise. Or grovel, depending on just how bad the text was. Just be quick, you need to act fast and not let things fester.

But that's just you. Now check out what your friends have posted and - worse still - your enemies. Be prepared to beg people you loathe to delete any particularly unfortunate images.

The proliferation of digital media is lightening quick - you need the speed of a cobra.

If you're desperate, you can always deactivate your Facebook account. It won't make the horror of your table-top dancing go away but it does mean you don't have to see it on your monitor.

So in summary: if you wake up with awful memories of doing something terrible, you can limit the embarrassment by removing some of the digital traces.

If you wake up in bed with awful memories of doing something terrible and your boss is lying beside you looking coy, then you're on your own...

Nothing says "I love you" at Christmas like a gadget. At least not for any self-respecting geek.

The Round-Up knows how hard it can be to find that special gift for that special techie but thanks to an article on the site this week your worries are over. Not content with saving you from office party shame, this week will even help you choose Christmas presents.

Like what? Well, how about watching a 3D movie on the inside of a pair of deeply of high-tech sunglasses?

The Vuzix iWear glasses let you watch movies and play video games which aren't visible from the outside.

Futuristic goggles not your thing? How about a cookbook from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?

The Star Wars Cook Book features recipes such as Jedi Juice Bars and, ahem, Boba Fett-Uccine.

The Round-Up struggled to swallow that last one too, the deadliest bounty hunter in the galaxy reduced to a pasta dish.

The book also features a recipe for delicious Wookie Cookies. The recipe is written in simple step-by-step instructions so you needn't worry about things getting hairy. It lets you choose whether you want your cookies crunchy or whether you'd prefer them Chewie.

And of course, this gives the Round-Up a rare chance to roll out one of its all-time favourite gags:

How does Darth Vader know what Luke Skywalker is getting for Christmas? He felt his presents...

Of course, if you consider yourself a true geek and sci-fi aficionado, you will probably consider Star Trek a far superior franchise to Star Wars and the Round-Up is here to tell you that you're deeply wrong. At least as far as the Original Trilogy is concerned.

Then again for each Phantom Menace there's a Deep Space Nine. Swings and roundabouts, eh?

Nonetheless, there are seasonal gifts available for the Trekkie in your life, not least the pizza-loving Trekkie, and the Round-Up is guessing there are quite a few out there.

If you have a red-shirted love in your life, then the Starship Enterprise pizza cutter could cause them to beam a smile to you on Christmas morning. Sound good? Then make it so.

There are Android toys for geek babies, tiny arcade games for woodland folk and rather clever gloves for freezing iPhone fans - much in demand this last week.

The Round-Up's favourite has to be this work of genius and the perfect gift for any kettle-dodging work colleague - the self-stirring mug.

Want more? Then check out the site for more ideas to stuff your stocking with...

And finally this week, if you are looking for the ultimate tech gift and money really is no object, you may want to consider the latest creation from the imagination of gadget designer Stuart Hughes.

Stuart has been mentioned on the Round-Up before for decking out Apple and other tech kit in solid gold, diamonds and other precious stones. Because sometimes a £600 tablet computer simply doesn't cut it.

This week, he unveiled his latest creation - an iPhone 4 featuring an unusual rear plate.

The phone features a diamond bezel and Apple logo and a platinum antenna plate. No word on what the reception is like.

But it's the rear of the phone that sets it apart. It's carved from a 65-million-year-old prehistoric T-Rex tooth and a meteoric stone.

Only 10 of the History edition iPhones will be made, but each will sell for £40,000.

And perhaps inevitably, the History iPhone has been dubbed the ultimate dog and bone...