The Weekly Round-Up: iPad madness and Twitter on your toast?

Apple's iPad pervades parliament and Twitter divides opinions as CIOs prepare for the royal wedding...

iPads, iPads, iPads: the world's gone mad for them. People are using them in the pub, on the train, probably on the moon for all the Round-Up knows.

The one place they aren't popping up is in the House of Commons, where modernity is being held at bay and the coalition government's belt-tightening, birch branch-thrashing austerity measures are in full effect.

But what's that? Really? The 'age of austerity' doesn't apply to new and emerging computing paradigms? Well knock the Round-Up down with a capacitive touchscreen and hold the front page of Rupert Murdoch's new iPad-only newspaper The Daily.

For it seems that the House of Commons is creeping towards the 21st century with the news that MPs are weighing up a role for the iPad in the lower house.

An urgent review has been launched by the Commons procedure committee, which scrutinises proper practice inside the House. The urgency is in recognition of the antiquated parliamentary rules still in place, just a few short months ahead of the anticipated launch of the iPad 2.

Anyway, it seems that technically, notebooks are banned from the Commons chamber, while "handheld devices" are allowed. But the relentless march of technology has made such distinctions as irrelevant as so many MPs