Check out the almostEverest photo gallery

Digging around the TechRepublic archives, I found a bunch of images from the almostEverest expedition. Click through and see what I found along with some personal observations from one of the climbers.

Not to beat the almostEverest thing into the ground after yesterday's post about it, but digging around the content archives, I managed to find some screenshots that were taken during and in preparation for the trip. You can see these by checking out the almostEverest Revisted photo gallery.

Below is an image of the old TechRepublic flag that went along on the trip:

If you want a first hand account of the trip, Michael Jackman discusses it on his personal Web site. In the blog he says:

What the hell was I thinking? In January of the new millennium, a co-editor pulled me aside, said conspiratorially, “If I can convince the vice president of marketing to send us to the Himalayas, will you come?” I was 43, out of shape and 230 pounds. “Sure,” I said, thinking No way is anyone going to bankroll some editor’s grandiose scheme to climb mountains in Nepal. Then the VP gave the “green light,” a check for $30 thousand, and I started dieting and stair climbing, jogging around Cherokee park with a backpack full of dumbbells, and shopping for a sub-zero sleeping bag.

Check out the rest of story and additional personal observations about the trip on