The Apple Mac Classic opened and exposed

TechRepublic examines just what components go into a Mac Classic -- and exposes what technology was like in 1991.

TechRepublic acquired an Apple Macintosh Classic for the sole purpose of cracking it open to see what secrets it held inside. "Cracking Open the Apple Macintosh Classic" is available now under the TechRepublic Photo Gallery tab.

Consistent with Apple Computer Company's reputation for design innovation and engineering skill, the Mac Classic is a study in efficiency, both in terms of space and power utilization. With a nine-inch CRT display built right in the case, you have to cram some dangerous amounts of power into a very compact space without interfering with the flow of data through the silicon components of the computer. The Mac Classic handles this balancing act with aplomb.

Check out the TechRepublic Cracking Open Gallery to see how all the pieces of the Mac Classic fit together.