The office is open

An article in Computer Weekly mentioned that Bristol council will be

migrating 5500 desktops to Sun’s

StarOffice suite.  Even taking in to

account the cost of converting existing documents and two half-day courses for

users, they stand to make massive savings over Microsoft Office. 

StarOffice is developed by Sun, here is their sales

description “Enhanced usability, compatibility, interoperability, new XML File

Format, and more developer features and tools all combine to make StarOffice 8

the best office suite value by far.”  The

cost is $69.99, a heck of a lot cheaper then Microsoft, but how about something

that’s free?  OpenOffice is the open

source suite which StarOffice is based on, take a look here to see what you

don’t get with OpenOffice (nothing that I would miss).

OpenOffice2 is now available

for download!  Give it a go…