Call for photos: Data center showcase

TechRepublic is looking for your data center photos -- have a server room nightmare, strange sighting, or something you want to brag about? Send them in!

Last year, we had a great response from roving consultants and other IT pros who sent in their photos from the server room and went on to share the glory of being included in our "Real-world server room nightmares" image gallery. If your data center looks like it belongs in an episode of Hoarders, it could fit very easily into this gallery. I think it's time to freshen up the stock, though.

Have a great shot of a server room nightmare? A natural (or man-made) disaster snapshot? The strangest thing you've ever seen in a data center? How about a server room makeover that you're particularly proud of? We would also like to see your your pristine, highly-organized server rooms to show how it's done or display some shiny new, cutting-edge technology. Share your great photos with us and we'll compile them for others to enjoy, learn from, or just laugh and point. Send your photos with a description of what it is -- and why you took it -- to with subject line "data center photos."

Yikes! Hard to beat this...