Cisco unveils 802.11n wireless gear

Cisco has reversed its previous position on 802.11n wireless networking by announcing Next Generation wireless products. Although Linksys (Cisco’s consumer brand) have been rolling out 802.11n draft compliant devices for quite a while now, Cisco said that 802.11n was ‘not yet ready for business use’. A lot of people have been surprised by this change of heart. Marciej Kranz marketing vice president for Cisco said, “This technology is real and ready for deployment.” Obviously the demand for pre-n wireless products was underestimated by Cisco. Speaking recently Intel’s director of wireless marketing Randy Nickel said, “The changeover to N has exceeded our expectations.”

The first 802.11n product from Cisco is the Aironet 1250 access point. Expected to be on sale in October, Cisco’s 802.11n range will “enable organizations to create a seamless working environment by combining the mobility of wireless with the performance of wired networks.” The claimed throughput of this AP is 300Mbps; it will use new Multiple In Multiple Out technology for increased reliability and greater coverage. I guess they mean ‘new to Cisco’ as other brands have been using MIMO for quite some time.

The Aironet 1250 will also be able to act as part of Cisco’s ‘wireless mesh’ setup using 2.4Ghz for client access with 5Ghz links backhauling traffic to traditional wired APs.

Aironet 1250