eBay's revamped feedback system

eBay is planning to change its feedback system to stop sellers from leaving negative feedback about buyers. The new rules will come in to effect from May and apply worldwide. Sellers have complained that by still allowing buyers to leave negative feedback on sellers, they have skewed the trading process. eBay countered this complaint -- a spokesman said, "If a buyer doesn't pay, the seller can easily contact eBay; we will review any complaint and maybe remove the buyer."

This change of policy gives the feedback system a massive overhaul. eBay hopes it will "improve the overall customer experience" and give users a fairer overview of transactions. Under the current rules, many users are reluctant to leave negative feedback about a seller because the seller would be likely to leave negative feedback in retaliation.

I wonder whether this will have a significant impact. As a regular eBay buyer, I think it's a positive move. I've often received a bad service with sellers not making contact for weeks after an auction has ended or payment made. Even in situations like this, leaving negative feedback is never an option as you can be sure you'll automatically receive negative feedback yourself and it's normally just not worth the bother.

Maybe a few eBay sellers could share their view?