Full Speed Ahead!

I received

my Dell M170 today, this is a replacement for the Acer Ferrari 3400 which

despite being very nicely designed, was nothing but trouble.  Dell laptops come highly recommended, this

being their top spec machine, it should make multi-tasking much faster.  With VMware in mind 2GB of DDR2 RAM and a

100GB/7200rpm Hard Disk were chosen, I have yet to test this (I’m still going

through the slow process of installing applications and transferring data) but

I am expecting a considerable improvement over my current setup.  My only gripe so far is the ‘tacky’ design,

but then machines with this power are aimed at gamers—Luckily the coloured LED’s

in the speakers and fan ports can be turned off!  Is anyone else running VMware on a

notebook?  What kind of setup are you