Get ready for SysAdmin Day on July 29

SysAdmin Day is Friday, July 29. Whether or not you're expecting any recognition from your workplace, you can still enter a contest to win some cool prizes -- but the deadline is tomorrow. See the details here!

Yes, there is an organization out there working to recognize the long-suffering system administrators, and so the official System Administrator Appreciation Day will be celebrated this Friday, July 29. Has this caught on in your workplace? No? Then you might want to start dropping some hints. How about a nifty animated gif that you can plant here and there?


If you're not confident that your co-workers and users will take the hint, you can add a little bribery to sweeten the pot. ThinkGeek is offering a $500 spending spree as an incentive for folks to nominate their sysadmin for entry in ThinkGeek's 2011 SysAdmin Pageant. The panel will choose a SysAdmin King and Queen, who will win an array of prizes from ThinkGeek. Pageant judges will be the folks behind the scenes at The Mary Sue and Geekosystem. And there seems to be no problem with putting your own name in the hat to win the shopping spree money. Get cracking, because the deadline is tomorrow!

So enter to win a $500 shopping spree for yourself--or nominate your favorite Sysadmin--by 11:59pm ET on Thursday, July 28! Watch The Mary Sue and Geekosystem for updates, and we'll announce the winning SysQueen and SysKing on Sysadmin Day, Friday, July 29.

Let us know if your users/coworkers recognize you on SysAdmin Day.