Infographic: Finding the right security solution for the data center

This infographic from Cisco illustrates the issues that data centers face trying to deploy comprehensive security systems.

By Evelyn de Souza, Security Technology Group at Cisco

Today’s savvy information technology professional wants security tools and understands that protecting your organization is something that opens doors, rather than closes them. The right security solution can move businesses beyond buzzword bingo to a place where they can actually achieve these hoped-for efficiencies. 

Many times as InfoSec professionals, it can be difficult to associate security investments with ROI. However, when it comes to data centers, the ROI associated with employing a comprehensive security solution goes well beyond hard numbers. The right security solution can result in avoiding higher costs and consequences stemming from potential data breaches – which are far more damaging in the long run than taking necessary preliminary precautions early.

This infographic from Cisco dives into problems that data centers face today, and how finding the right security solution can make all the difference.

Cisco Data Center Security Infographic_final.jpg