Learn from early adopters of successful cloud solutions

As organizations mull how and if the cloud will fit into their technology landscape, good resources are forming to ease these decisions. IT pro Rick Vanover gives some starting points for this emerging area.

I have been on a cloud kick lately with posts on FastScale Stack Manager, Amazon Web Services, and Google Apps’ Gmail service for enterprises. Simply talking about the cloud is fun and easy enough, but isn’t it more exciting when we have examples of “look what I did”? Well, these resources are starting to show up. I recently came in contact with an organization and some resources that are collectively making the cloud a reality in IT.

One example of a company using cloud computing is Animoto Productions. New York-based Animoto specializes in video production and cinematic artificial intelligence. Animoto has brilliantly embraced the cloud, specifically the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) offering. Video production is incredibly resource intensive and can take a long time to complete tasks, opening an opportunity for cloud compute resources.

The big picture is very clear: don’t invest in heavy amounts of internal infrastructure to be idle most of the time. The EC2 cloud can provide compute resources on demand, and Animoto saw an opportunity. The scaling options are perfect for a business model that is per their client’s requirements. Animoto provides textbook utility computing and delivers a robust service to their customers.

Such clear examples are rare, but here’s a tip on how to find them. To quench the curiosity for cloud solutions, the best way to get a handle on how it will work is to hear more real-world success stories of cloud solutions. This is where CloudCamp comes in. CloudCamp calls itself an "unconference" where early adapters of cloud computing gather to exchange solutions, challenges, and experiences. CloudCamp has a number of in-person events still scheduled in 2009 at a number of locations in the United States and international destinations.

Do real success stories of companies using cloud solutions make it easier to see the big picture? Share your comments on cloud computing below.