Leopard finally makes it to sale

After 18 months of delays Apple's latest update to Mac OS X is finally on sale. While Apple have been hyping the release of OS X Leopard as a new operating system, I think many would consider it to be more of a ‘service pack' than a completely new OS. I haven't gone for the upgrade just yet; I'm quite happy with OS X Tiger for the time being and will wait to see if there are any bugs to be ironed out before paying out. What will £85 of service pack give me? Quite a lot, actually, although I think Apple's claim of over 300 new features is a little misleading (because I'm sure a few of those features are already available under Tiger), there are without doubt some very nice new features in OS X Leopard:

  • Improved Finder: Results can be browsed with ‘coverflow' previews much like music is browsed in iTunes.
  • Time Machine: A little like Windows System Restore. Time machine takes automatic incremental backups at regular intervals.
  • Spaces: Any Linux user will recognise this one. Multiple desktops making it easier to arrange windows and declutter your screen.
  • Boot Camp final: The license to use Boot Camp Beta officially expired on the release of Leopard.
  • Dock Stacks: Quick access to folders and their contents from the OS X dock in another attempt to reduce clutter. Downloads from Safari, Mail, and iChat will no longer be dumped on the Desktop by default!

There are plenty of other tweaks and additions, although I think many will pass the casual user by without being noticed.

What do you think? Is Mac OS X Leopard worth the upgrade fee or will Tiger continue to do the job until the next release?