Network Administrator: Best of 2010

Check out the top 10 blog posts of 2010 in Network Administrator. From basics like creating your own Cat 5 cables to new tech to tricks with router firmware, these topics got a lot of attention.

#1 How to create your own Cat 5 patch cables

For do-it-yourselfers, knowing how to create your own Cat 5 patch cables in the length that you want can be very handy and save you money. Jack Wallen shows you how to get it right. Read the original post.

#2 Ethernet over power lines: Netgear makes major improvements

Using in-house electrical wiring for networking computers usually only happens if wires can't be run or Wi-Fi connections are less than adequate. Netgear's new Ethernet over power-line devices may change that. Read the original post.

#3 Network security: Seven tips for desktop malware first responders

Mark Underwood offers seven tips for network administrators who are the first responders in desktop malware attacks. Read the original post.

#4 IPv4 addresses: They are almost gone

This past Tuesday, the organization responsible for managing IPv4's unallocated-address pool announced that addresses are almost gone. What does that mean? Read the original post.

#5 Wi-Fi: Breakthroughs in optical networking may make it obsolete

Promises of high throughput could mean your future in-home network may be using light instead of radio signals. Read the original post.

#6 Unlock your Linksys router's potential with new firmware

While tinkering with his lab setup, Brad Bird discovered he could replace his Linksys router's firmware with an open source version and open up powerful new features. Read the original post.

#7 Learn more about Cisco's CCIE: Do you have what it takes?

Cisco CCIE recruiter Eman Conde gives an overview of the CCIE certification, the job outlook for CCIEs, and what you can do to get started. Read the original post.

#8 File servers: Windows, Linux, SAN, or cloud?

File servers are the bane of the network administrator as the overall size gets bigger and old files are never accessed over time. IT pro Rick Vanover poses the question on what to do for file servers and presents a few options. Read the original post.

#9 802.11: Time to clear up some antenna misconceptions

Antennas for the most part are ignored. That's too bad as they have a huge impact on whether a Wi-Fi link works well or not. Read the original post.

#10 Cloud storage for primary storage as an alternative to file servers

For a network administrator, few tasks share the frustration levels of administering a file server. IT guru Rick Vanover explains how some cloud solutions can solve file server issues. Read the original post.