Playstation 3 launch set

The long awaited Playstation 3 launch has been set for this November,

one year (and 10-million units) behind the launch of Microsofts

Xbox360. The Playstation 3 is claimed to offer twice the performance of

the X360 with a 3-core 3.2Ghz PowerPC CPU. The wireless controllers

will use bluetooth based connectivity, similar to those of the X360 and

there will be two versions of the console on sale priced at $499 and

$599--the major difference being cited is a 20GB hard disk in the $499

model and 60GB hard disk in the $599 model.

What Sony have not been so forthcoming in advertising is that the

cheaper model will lack support for removable media (SD, CF, Sony Duo),

the WiFi will be removed and so will the HDMI outputs which are

necessary for high definition--this could create a lot of unhappy owners

when they are brought the base model for Christmas!

The new controllers will be tilt sensitive; general opinion seems to be

that although a novel feature, this could end up being more irritating

than absorbing.