Review: LogicMonitor for comprehensive network monitoring

Jack Wallen investigates the network monitoring tool, LogicMonitor, for use with Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. Find out if it could be a fit for your organization.

As an administrator you must be able to keep track of your assets. More specifically, you need to be able to monitor your network, from anywhere, and be alerted when there's a problem. For this task there are many tools available. Some of these tools come in the form of highly configurable stand-alone agents that work from the inside whereas some of these tools are services that work from the outside but use an internal agent for reporting purposes.

A tool that falls into the latter category is LogicMonitor. This service allows you to add an agent to a machine and have it monitored from your own, personalized dashboard that can be reached from anywhere using a web browser. But is it the tool best suited for your network monitoring needs? Let's find out.


Entry pricing is $300 per month for up to 25 hosts.

For volume discounts call (888-415-6442) or email (

Who's it for?

LogicMonitor is for any medium to large company that needs its network hardware under constant watch and alert, but does not have the time, hardware, and/or know-how to create or install a custom system. (It will work for Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. ) For those that do not have the time to dedicate to such a tool, LogicMonitor will handle most of the set up. All that is necessary on your end is to install the agent(s) and create your dashboard. Once complete, you will have an incredibly powerful monitoring system that will babysit just about any aspect of your network. But even with LogicMonitor setting up your monitoring system, there is a fairly steep learning curve to setting up your dashboard, hosts, alerts, and reports.

What problem does it solve?

If you are a network administrator who is already too busy to bother with the setup of a complex network monitoring system, LogicMonitor solves this for you. Because you will only have to dedicate time to installing the agent and setting up your dashboard, you can concentrate on keeping those servers and desktops up and running. LogicMonitor also keeps you apprised of the status of your network, network equipment, cloud, databases, applications, power infrastructure, and much more.


  • Firewall monitoring
  • Router/switch/VoIP monitoring
  • Highly configurable dashboard
  • Automated configuration, classification, and network discovery
  • Interactive graphs
  • Overview graphs
  • Customizable alerts
  • Monitor both Windows and Linux machines
  • Load balancer monitoring
  • Storage monitoring
  • Outstanding support

And much more!

LogicMonitor Dashboard
In Figure A, you see a port 80 response time monitor on a particular piece of networking hardware. You can add TONS of different reports to your dashboard.

What's wrong

The biggest problem you will face is the steep learning curve to adding hosts, hardware, reports, and alerts. The LogicMonitor Dashboard is not the most intuitive software, but the support offered by LogicMonitor is some of the best. But even with outstanding support, you are going to have to give yourself (or an employee - or two) plenty of time to familiarize themselves with the dashboard. Once you know the tools, you will most certainly be impressed with what LogicMonitor offers.

Bottom line for business

If you have a LOT of services, devices, hosts, networks to monitor, and you do not have time to set up a monitoring solution (and you have the budget), LogicMonitor is the way to go. Not only does it monitor more than you can ever need, it does so without you having to monkey with complex monitoring systems. The only downside is the learning curve associated with the dashboard. But once you get beyond that, LogicMonitor is tops. Any medium to large business would do well to look into this monitoring tool.

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User recommendation

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