Shutdown Day

Computers computers, most of those in the IT industry especially techies will admit that it’s very rare for a day to go by without them using a computer.  Could you go a day without one?  Now’s your chance to find out and participate in ‘Shutdown Day’.  The 24th of March 2007 marks the first global shutdown day; an experiment to see just how many people can go for one day without a computer.  The 24th falls on a Saturday so there’s no need for the majority of people to worry about work.  If you tend to work from home at the weekends, take a day off, live a little!  Now I know that some hardcore nerds will feel very uneasy with turning their computer off, my advice; turn it off, get out of the house and do something fun for a change (no coding in C# and porting C64 games to java are not counted as FUN)!

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do here is a great video showing alternative uses for your laptop.

Finally yes a Blackberry or Windows Mobile device will count as a computer so switch those off too…