The 10 hottest Data Center posts of 2013

Virtualization, software-defined networking, 802.11ac, and IPv6 were chart-toppers during the past year. Check out the complete list of 2013 favorites.


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 The most popular Data Center posts of the year ran the gamut from virtualization to SDN to IP address management to DCIM. Here's a rundown of the pieces that garnered the most attention in 2013.

The top 10

1: How Linux is taking over the network

Is world domination by Linux a fanciful dream or could it be a reality in ways we don't expect? Scott Reeves discusses the signs.

2: Cheat sheet: What you need to know about 802.11ac

The newest wireless networking protocol is 802.11ac, and it's on the brink of ratification. Learn about the improvements and tradeoffs.

3: Breaking down an IPv6 address: What it all means

Nick Hardiman describes the seemingly arcane engineering of the IPv6 address and explains what makes it tick.

4: What SDN means to the network administrator

Software-defined networking is new enough that pinning down its practical use is still tricky. Here is some perspective on SDN from the net admin's point of view.

5: Seven reasons virtualization hasn't fully taken off in the enterprise

Virtualization is certainly not a new technology, but actual deployments have lagged behind predictions.

6: Considerations for choosing a network monitoring solution

There are several ways to go about procuring a network monitoring solution -- buy, build, or rent. Here is an example of a "buy" solution.

7: Has virtualization killed tape?

Rick Vanover says he prefers disk-based systems for backups -- but that doesn't mean that tape is completely out.

8: How to use IP address management in Windows Server 2012

IP address management is difficult for large organizations with hundreds of networks. Windows Server 2012 has an IPAM feature that allows for management and configuration from a database perspective.

9: 50 terms and acronyms for VMware that you should know

Rick Vanover lists the short definitions for 50 VMware terms and acronyms you should be familiar with if you're venturing into a VMware project. (Also read: 50 more VMware terms and acronyms you should know.)

10: What you need to know about Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

What exactly is Data Center Infrastructure Management? Is DCIM truly a new idea or just a repackaging of the same old methods?


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