Troubleshooting WMI just became a little easier

Brad Bird shares some news about the updated WMI Diagnosis Utility -- a troubleshooting tool that is especially important to Microsoft SCOM environments.

I work with Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager a LOT. I implement it for customers and we use it at Cistel. One gem of a tool, which provided a wealth of troubleshooting information, is the WMI Diagnosis Utility.

However, the tool only worked for Windows operating systems up to Server 2003 R2 until recently.

Part of the reason which necessitated updating the tool is that when Server 2008 came out, WMI log files no longer existed (the change came about with Vista). These have moved into the event tracing for Windows. Please see this "Troubleshooting WMI" link from Microsoft for more information.

When executing the WMI diagnosis utility, a comprehensive and detailed log file was created, which was very helpful in locating issues related to WMI, which SCOM depends on heavily!

Now (the updated tool was posted to the download site on Jan 31, 2012) that the tool is updated for current operating systems, I'll go back and examine my customer environments with it. If you've been missing the ability to use this diagnostic tool, you can download it here.

Happy WMI troubleshooting!