Twitter follow groups made easy with TweepML

Sharing lists of Twitter members can be very difficult and overwhelming. In this TechRepublic post, IT pro Rick Vanover outlines one free service that can make sharing members lists easy.

The Twitter bug has bitten me hard. I use the popular social networking service to exchange links on miscellaneous technology topics as well put a bit of humor in the mix. I won't quite say I am an addict, but I use the service enough to know what I like and don't like about Twitter.

One of the good things about Twitter is that people can make recommendations of other members to follow. Frequently done on Friday with the #FollowFriday or #FF trending topic, this list of a few users is a good way for you to say that these people post good stuff. The bad part is that this practice is really a mess to aggregrate or organize. Twitter has now taught me a lesson in this regard with a new sevice called TweepML. TweepML allows you to make a list of Twitter users to recommend to others to follow.

Using the service is easy; I just made a group called “TechRockstars” that has 9 Twitter users who post good technology-based content. Figure A shows a TweepML list created:

Figure A

Figure A

You can also view this list at, which will show you the collection of Twitter users that you can add to your Following list in one click. There are a number of preconfigured TweepML follow lists available on the TweepML Web site.

Additional options include site links and HTML buttons that can be made with the lists that are created. I think that this makes Twitter member aggregation a lot easier. Share your comments below.