VMware Fusion and Server updated

This week VMware released two major updates...A beta version of the free VMware server v2.0 is available for download.  Version 2.0 of this groundbreaking ‘free' virtualisation platform offers a wealth of improvements and new features including support for a broader range of guest operating systems, an improved web management interface and an increased allowance of 8GB RAM per guest.

Extended support of Intel EM64T VT-enabled and AMD64 processors will allow high-performance guest operating systems to run more effectively.  I have to say the addition of USB 2.0 support is very welcome, about time too!

Version 1.1 of VMware's award winning Mac based virtualisation product ‘Fusion' includes more than 25 enhancements, quite a few of which are related to support for the recent release of OS X 10.5 "Leopard".

 A few bugs with the use of Intel VT on 64-bit Intel Mac's have been addressed.  Both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista are now supported as guest operating systems, Windows XP 64-bit support has also been added.

Boot Camp integration has been improved-detection and preparation of Boot Camp partitions for use as virtual machines has been streamlined and an automatic demount/remount routine for the Boot Camp partition has been added.  I'll be quite interested to see how well this works on my iMac which runs Vista via Boot Camp.

One very interesting new feature I noticed in the release notes is the ability to sync the iPhone with Outlook in a Windows virtual machine.  I'm not planning on buying an iPhone but I'd love to see how well that works;  If you use VMware Fusion and have an iPhone leave a comment and let me know.