Windows Mobile 6 with Exchange 2007: A beautiful combination

Even though I love to play with beta software in a lab and I've even been known to (gasp!) install Microsoft software before SP1, I don't generally play with fire when it comes to running unsupported ROMs on my Treo 700. However, after hearing about some of the new things coming in Windows Mobile 6 and stumbling across a ROM that works for my phone, I decided to stop waiting for AT&T to provide a new ROM and upgrade my Treo to Windows Mobile 6. I'm glad I did!

Since we're running Exchange 2007 at the office, all of Windows Mobile 6's mail goodies are available and are true time savers. If you're working on justification to move to Exchange 2007, consider some of the benefits realized when used in conjunction with Windows Mobile 6.

Here are the big ones for me.

  • Mailbox search: Probably the most useful feature, you can initiate a server-based search of your entire mailbox and have the results sent down to your mobile device. If you keep only a few days of messages on your handheld, this can be very handy.
  • HTML-formatted message display: No more HTML code junk in an otherwise perfectly good message. Now I can see the whole message.
  • Message flag support: I use message flags all the time to keep track of items I need to follow up on. With WM6 on my Treo 750 and Exchange 2007 back in the office, this feature is now supported from my handheld.
  • Out of office message management: From your mobile device, you can set your Out of Office message.