Wireless USB kits now shipping

Californian technology firm IOGEAR has officially announced availability of its Wireless USB Hub & Adapter kits.  This is the first Wireless USB product to be certified by both the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) and the FCC.

Miranda Su, vice president of sales and marketing said, "We are proud to be the first to bring a Certified W-USB solution to consumer and SOHO markets," The first to bring certified USB 2.0 to consumers in 2001, IOGEAR are showing their continued commitment to bringing innovative and cutting edge technology products to end users at an affordable cost.

The Wireless USB Hub & Adapter kit will retail at around $199.99.  The hub sports four USB ports that enable wireless use of devices such as printers, storage, iPod's and webcams placed up to 10 meters away.  The devices use UWB (Ultra wide-band) technology to avoid interference with other wireless technology such as wireless network adapters.

This looks like an great little gadget; it should be extremely useful for printers/scanners which can take up a lot of desk space and would be much more convenient somewhere else.  I hope to have one of these to review in the near future; I wonder how it would perform with a USB wifi adapter.