DIY: Add Linux machines to a Windows domain

Jack Wallen says the answer to a TechRepublic member's question about connecting Linux boxes to a Windows domain is quite simple.

This week's question from reader Bobby Kneisel is one that I get quite a lot, which makes me happy because it means more and more people are adding Linux machines to a Windows domain.

Q: I work for an organization that is primarily a Microsoft shop, but I have a need to connect my laptop running Fedora 16 to our Exchange 2010 server. I have as yet found no means to do this that does not involve IMAP and our Exchange admin does not want it to set up on our server. I have tried Evolution with the evolution-mapi package, but I can't get the connection to work. Any ideas? A: There's a tool that makes this really simple. The tool is PowerBroker Identity Services Open Edition, and it can, with the help of a user-friendly GUI, get your Linux box connected to that Windows domain. Although the tool has officially changed its name to PowerBroker Identity Services Open Edition, you can still find the tool listed as its former name Likewise Open in most standard repositories. So just fire up your Add/Remove software tool, do a search for "likewise" (no quotes), and install the package named likewise-open-gui. Once it's installed, you should find it located in your System menu under Active Directory Membership. The GUI makes the joining of Active Directory domains a piece of cake. Ask Jack: If you have a DIY question, email it to me, and I'll do my best to answer it. (Read guidelines about submitting DIY questions.)