DIY: Get a Control key for Kingsoft Office on Android

In the latest installment of Ask Jack, a TechRepublic member wants to know how to read embedded links in the Kingsoft Office for Android app. Read Jack Wallen's answer.

Kingsoft Office is probably one of the best office suite applications available for the Android platform. TechRepublic reader Soli sent me the following question about the app.

Q: How do you read embedded hyperlinks in Kingsoft Office? In MS Office you hold the CTRL key and click on the hyperlink in blue. Since the virtual keyboard does not have the CTRL key what do you do? A: The answer is much simpler than you'd expect. In order to get a Control key on your keyboard, you'll need to install a third-party application. The best one I have found is the Hacker's Keyboard. This handy keyboard replacement offers the following and much more:
  • Control
  • Alt
  • Escape
  • Fun
  • Arrow keys

This app is free from Google Play, is easy to install, and makes for a great replacement to the built-in keyboard. With the Hacker's Keyboard app installed, the Control key is just a single "tap" away.

Note: After you install the app, make sure to go into the Language & Input section of the Settings, tap Current Input Method, and select the newly installed keyboard. If that keyboard isn't listed, then you must tap Configure Input Methods and ensure the new keyboard is enabled. Ask Jack: If you have a DIY question, email it to me, and I'll do my best to answer it. (Read guidelines about submitting DIY questions.)

By Jack Wallen

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