The 10 most-read DIY posts in 2011

ClearOS, VirtualBox, Synchronicity, and FreeNAS were some of the most-read topics in the DIY IT Guy blog in 2011.

Since TechRepublic launched the DIY IT Guy blog in February 2011, Jack Wallen has provided small shops with tips on how to tweak their systems without breaking the bank. The most-read posts covered how to set up wireless access points, tools for removing malicious software, suggestions for finding older versions of Microsoft Office software, and more.

Thanks to Jack for writing these helpful tips and for answering members' questions in his Ask Jack columns. DIY readers, thanks for your feedback and questions, and let us know what topics you want us to cover here in 2012.

1: DIY: Setting up wireless access points as repeaters to extend wireless range

Do you have a need for wireless access, but your location is too large for only a single wireless router to cover? Without having to pay for a costlier router or boosters, here's what you can do.

2: DIY: Replace Windows Small Business Server with ClearOS

If your small business or non-profit is looking for an inexpensive way to replace Windows Small Business Server, Jack Wallen says ClearOS should be your first choice. Find out what he likes so much about this open source, do-it-all server OS.

3: DIY: Free tools for removing malicious software

Fighting the malware battle really hurts when you're spending a good deal of your IT budget (if you even have an IT budget) on software to protect machines from attacks. Here's how to do it for free.

4: DIY: Use VirtualBox to serve up virtual machines

Jack Wallen describes how to create virtual images and serve them over your network using free virtualization software called VirtualBox.

5: DIY: Get reliable disaster recovery for free

Jack Wallen explains what he likes about Redo Backup and Recovery, and then describes how to use the Linux-based, Live CD, disaster recovery solution.

6: DIY: Six free web editors for coders

Komodo Edit, Bluefish, CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor, NetBeans, KompoZer, and Aptana Studio 3 make Jack Wallen's list of the best free web editors. Read overviews about each tool.

7: DIY: Free Windows backup tool Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a free and reliable backup solution. See how to create a new, scheduled backup to an external drive using the tool.

8: DIY: FreeNAS offers Network Attached Storage for free

FreeNAS is open source and free, which makes it a great option for small shops. Jack Wallen says it also happens to be one of the most versatile NAS solutions available.

9: DIY: How to find older versions of Microsoft Office software

Jack Wallen offers several suggestions to a TechRepublic member who is interested in locating older versions of Microsoft Office software.

10: DIY: Install and use a WAMP server for an inexpensive, Windows-based web server

WAMP is very simple to install and can have you serving up robust web sites quickly.