Is it time for your digital detox?

Hotels are offering packages aimed at giving guests a break from their gadgets

While most of us grumble about the high cost of hotel wi-fi, or complain that there aren’t enough sockets to charge all our different devices, some hotel guests are looking for a complete break from their gadgets.

As more workers try to evade the encroaching demands of the office during their holidays, ducking texts and emails, a number of hotels have started offering so-called ‘digital detox’ holidays to help stressed workers relax and unwind.

According to the World Travel Market global trends report there has been a rise in the number of hotel “technology-free” packages, offering the chance to relinquish devices.

The report cites a hotel in Chicago which offers a “technology break” another in Washington DC which has a “Be Unplugged” package; and a hotel outside London that offers a “BlackBerry Creche”.

Caroline Bremner, Euromonitor International Head of Travel and Tourism Research, said in a statement: “Offering a relaxing alternative for consumers to step off the relentless ‘digital’ treadmill is another example of how hotels are filling a gap in the market and helping to boost their bottom line at a difficult economic time.”

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