Raspberry Pi: Tell us what you've got planned for yours

We want to know what you are doing with your Raspberry Pi.

Now that the first 10,000 Raspberry Pi computers are being shipped the fun can really begin - using the tiny, low-cost devices as the basis for exciting computing projects.

Already the Raspberry Pi developer forums are alive with ambitious ideas ranging from Pi-powered arcade machines and drones to the home automation and low-cost tablets.

TechRepublic wants to know what you are planning to do with your Raspberry Pi, whether it's a modest programming project or something more ambitious.

If you'd like to share your plans (and photos if you have them) email nick dot heath at techrepublic.com and we'll round-up the best.

By Steve Ranger

Steve Ranger is the UK editor-in-chief of ZDNet and TechRepublic. An award-winning journalist, Steve writes about the intersection of technology, business and culture, and regularly appears on TV and radio discussing tech issues. Previously he was th...