Five SEO tools that will increase visitors to your website

SEO is essential to getting visitors to your site and the process is often made easier through the use of SEO tools.

Whether you are creating a personal blog or a large scale portal site, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to getting visitors to your site. Although it is possible to perform SEO manually, the process is often made easier through the use of SEO tools. Recently I launched two new non-technology related blogs ( and As such, I have been spending a lot of time lately evaluating various SEO tools. While I don't claim to have looked at all of the available tools yet, here are five tools that I have recently checked out.

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Five Apps

1. Web CEO SEO Suite

Web CEO SEO Suite a relatively high end SEO tool. The product is based around an entire collection of individual tools.

Like most of the products on the market, Web CEO SEO can analyze your search engine rankings and your keyword usage, but it can do far more. For instance, there are tools for helping you to find link partners or manage pay per click campaigns.

Perhaps the best thing about Web CEO SEO Suite is the Project Manager. The Project Manager allows you to create a separate "project" for each Web site. I've worked with some SEO tools that are only valid for a single site, or that make you start over each time you launch the tool. The Project Manager lets you keep track of the work that you have done on each of your sites.

Web CEO SEO Suite sells for $499, but a free 30-day trial is available for download.

a1_Web CEO 1.jpg

2. Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is a free tool for analyzing and optimizing your Web site. When you first install Traffic Travis, you have to create an account and validate your E-mail address. After doing so however, you can begin entering the details of your site.

One of the nice things about this tool is that it shows you any existing warnings for the pages that make up your site. Doing so can help you to ensure that your page is set up in a way that the search engines are expecting.

Another cool thing that this tool does is keyword analysis. You can examine not only your own keyword rankings, but also those of your competitors.

b1_Traffic Travis 1.jpg

3. All in One Submission Tool

All in One Submission Tool is another search engine optimization tool. This tool is geared heavily toward helping you to submit your site to the various search engines.

One of the cool things about this tool is that it minimizes the amount of data that you have to manually enter into the tool. Much of the required information can be extracted from your Web site (assuming that it exists).

Once a site has been submitted, you can use the various analysis and ranking tools to try to improve your search engine rankings.

The only real down side to this tool is that not all of the features are available in all versions. For example, the tool can automatically build a Google site map, but the site map feature is only available in the enterprise and platinum versions of the tool.

All in One Submission Tool sells for $69.90, but a free trial version is available for download.

c1_All in One 1.jpg

4. SEO Administrator

SEO Administrator is an SEO tool that seems to have all of the basics covered. In addition to being able to monitor your rankings and check link popularity, the utility also features tools for keyword suggestions, HTML analysis, and site analysis.

All in all, this tool seems to work really well with the exception of the HTML Analyzing Tool. For whatever reason, I could not get that particular feature to work.

SEO Administrator sells for $49.00, but a free trial version is available for download.

d1_SEO Admin 1.jpg

5. Ignite SEO

Ignite SEO is a tool for helping you to optimize your site's search engine rankings. Like most of the other SEO tools, this tool can perform a full blown analysis of your site. However, one feature that was somewhat unique was a search engine simulator. The tool is able to crawl you site as a search engine would and show you what a search engine would see.

The tool also contains another feature that could prove to be extremely beneficial. It features a training section that teaches you how to use the tool. All too often the various SEO tools assume that you already know how SEO works.

Ignite SEO sells for $199.00, but a free 14 day-trial version is available for download.

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