Five tips for keeping typos out of your resume

Job hunting is tough enough without being thwarted by a stray resume mistake. Here are some foolproof tricks for making sure your resume is error-free.

You know what they say: The difference between landing a job and not even getting the interview is inserting "Career break in 1999 to renovate my horse" into your resume.

Everyone knows how important it is to ensure your resume is error-free, but that's often easier said than done. What you need are some tips and strategies for eliminating those embarrassing typos. Here are five surefire ones you should practice before the next job interview, as reported by The Washington Post.

Note: These tips are based on an entry in BNET's Business Hacks blog.

1: Review it later

You can't confidently correct a resume while you're writing it, because you see what you intended to write, not what's really on the screen. Wait several hours or, even better, a day or two.

2: Get someone else to edit it for you

Not a replacement for reviewing it yourself, but a second set of eyes is essential for seeing your words fresh and impartially.

3: Print it out

It's easier to see many kinds of errors on the printed page that you'd miss on a computer screen.

4: Read it aloud

Just like a printed resume looks different from what's on the screen, reading it out loud sounds different from reading it in your head. When you actually hear the words, you'll notice that some things just don't make sense.

5: Read it from the bottom up

Reading your resume out of sequence can disrupt the logical flow that helps your brain make sense of things that are grammatically incorrect or have other language problems. Also, you'll see the end with fresh eyes, whereas ordinarily you'll be burnt out by the time you reach the end and more likely to miss errors.

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