10 things every geek should know

Nicole Bremer Nash's 2010 resolution is to become more of an ultimate geek. Check out her list of 10 things that every geek worth his or her cape should know.

In the spirit of bettering myself and continuing my quest for knowledge of all things geeky, I have come up with a list of 10 things every geek lad or lass should know. It's my New Years resolution to know them all by the end of 2010. In no particular order:

  1. Every geek should be able to give the Vulcan "Live long and prosper" hand signal from Star Trek. (Check out this toy for geeky sports fans.)
  2. A true geek must be able to carry on a conversation using only Monty Python quotes.
  3. To be a proper geek, one must know the answer to the Ultimate Question.
  4. In order to show that you are a Master Geek, you must be able to name the primary characters of all five Star Trek series.
  5. Like that geek hero, Ash, all geeks should know the three words you must recite in order to retrieve The Book of the Dead.
  6. A geek must know how and when to implement the Konami Code.
  7. A smart geek should recognize WoW and OOo and be able to explain them to a non-geek.
  8. A romantic geek can say "I love you" in binary.
  9. A savvy geek knows at least one way to kill a Dalek.
  10. Any life-loving geek has a survival plan for a zombie apocalypse and knows the best way to kill a zombie.

(Geekend readers should have the skills to find the answers to all of these items, even if I hadn't given helpful links.)

I admit that I don't have all this knowledge committed to memory yet, but you can rest assured that I'll be working on it all year.

After reading the list, if you think there will still be gaping holes in my geek knowledge bank, tell me what I need.