2010 Hugo award winners to add to your sci-fi reading list

Edmond Woychowsky lists the 2010 Hugo award winners, which include Paolo Bacigalupi, China Mieville, Duncan Jones, and Kaja and Phil Foglio. Which books, stories, and programs will you check out?

I usually show disdain for anything that is popular, but the Hugo awards are an exception -- I often seek out the science fiction that wins the coveted honor. I am the proud owner of hardcover copies of volume one through four of The Hugo Winners (which were edited by Isaac Asimov) and Clifford D. Simak's Way Station (which won a Hugo in 1964).

The award is named for Hugo Gernsback, who founded the science-fiction magazine Amazing Stories in 1926. Since the first Hugo awards in 1955, some of the categories have changed over time. For instance, The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer was added in 1973. (Even though it isn't actually a Hugo, it's awarded at the same time.)

The winners of the 2010 Hugo awards, which were presented at AussieCon 4, are:

And The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer went to Seanan McGuire.

The unfortunate thing about the Hugo awards is that my "to read pile" keeps getting a little larger, and my time to read keeps getting a little smaller. It seems to me that the "to read pile" is starting to be compressed into diamonds, but even if it's not, there certainly are a lot of gems in there.

What have you read or watched from the titles on this list? Which 2010 Hugo award winners do you plan to check out?