A required reading list for geeks

Find out which books Nicole Bremer Nash says are vital for every geek to read in order to pass into full-grown geekdom.

Science fiction is pretty universally considered a vital element to the geek life. Proud parents strive to find the perfect beginner sci-fi with which to introduce children to the wild realms that become possible when we allow science and imagination to procreate. I recommend heading to the used bookstore and stocking your teen's bookshelves with stories based on Dungeons & Dragons. I know it's more fantasy than sci-fi, but it's still a good introduction to the realm of geekdom and often leads to more serious science-fiction reading. Heck, as an adolescent girl, I was obsessed with the Ravenloft series; I dreamt of being taken away by the mists.

As a grown geek who sadly hasn't seen her d20 in years, I get my science-fiction fix through bedtime reading. To that end, I offer up this list of literature that is vital for every geek to read in order to pass into full-grown geekdom. I realize this list is far from complete, but I can really only speak for texts that I've read. To that end, I give a nod to Robert Heinlein. I'll start reading him when my home-geek shares his Heinlein collection. In the meantime here are my recommendations:

I'm sure I've left a number of good ones out. As I am still working on my geek diploma, I hope you will share your suggestions in the comments.

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What geek lit should I check out?

I'm looking for something good to read, and my library card has sadly gone unused for a while. I especially enjoy stories with rich underlying social commentary; that is fairly standard in sci-fi, but not all social commentary is well thought out and well presented. What is my geek library collection lacking? Please educate me, my geek masters.

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